Pickleball Rocks: Celebrating 10 Years Helping Pickleball Grow

Celebrating 10 Years Of
Helping The Sport Of Pickleball Grow

“The Pickleball Rocks Clothing & Equipment Company”

The Pickleball Rocks Team in 2020

Just ten short years ago, the sport of pickleball was very different.

Only 10 years ago, to buy a pickleball paddle, you had to mail a check to one of the very few existing pickleball manufacturers (remember the Champion paddle and the ProLite Classic). Then they’d mail you a paddle.  

Only 10 years ago, there were only 200,000 players in the entire world and the best player was over 60 years old. My how times have changed.

Over ten years ago, I created a simple website called AllAboutPickleball.com
This website allowed people to purchase a pickleball paddle and actually pay for it online with a credit card.

Additionally, this very simple website allowed anyone and everyone to “Ask Rocket” any question about pickleball, and receive a well thought out, mostly accurate, answer.  Kinda the original Pickleball Forum without all the snarky feedback. J

Also, over ten years ago, I hand ironed on the words and thus printed the very first Pickleball Rocks tshirt. Along with that I made a commitment to do everything I could to help grow the sport of pickleball in my travels as well as in my home community. As Pickleball Rocks began to take off, Josh and Zack Grubbs took a big leap of faith, leaving their careers and joined the team.  At that point we actually made “Helping Pickleball Grow” our corporate mission.

Over the years, we have developed programs such as “The Pickleball Mile” and “The Pickleball Champions Club” and “The Pickleball Paddle Foundation” as well as others to help you help the sport grow.

Besides our home website at PickleballRocks.com, we have developed websites such as PickleballRules.com and WhatisPickleball.com as well as WhyPickleball.com and more.

Today, the Pickleball Rocks Team consists of ten dedicated people who are not only great pickleball players, but also phenomenal human beings, dedicated to helping the sport of pickleball expand and grow in communities around the world.

And thanks to you, the Pickleball Rocks apparel has become the most recognized and best selling apparel brand in the sport of pickleball.

We are indeed thankful to all of you, for all the support, and of course purchases of the Pickleball Rocks clothing line as well as our other branded products. 

We certainly would not be here today without you.

We look forward to seeing you on your courts soon and we hope you are playing pickleball, because as everyone knows…..Pickleball Rocks!

Our warmest thanks,

Rocket, Zack, Josh, Abby, Stephanie, LeEllen, Mindy, Cam, Jason and Wyatt.
The Pickleball Rocks Team

Some of our original cotton t-shirts along with some of our early polyester Dri-Fit shirts.

Our 2 Best Selling Dri-Fit Shirts for over 10 years and still going strong.

Thank You For 10 Fantastic Years


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