A lot of people don’t realize that pickleball was played in phys ed classes in many schools over 30 years ago.  The problem back then was that there were no pickleball courts where kids could play once they graduated.  Consequently, kids went off to start their careers and their families, and didn’t pick up a paddle until many years later.  We are now seeing many of those kids rediscovering the sport they loved in school, and excitedly introducing pickleball to their kids and grandkids.

But the really great news is that schools and YMCA’s across the country are now introducing boys and girls to pickleball in record numbers.
And this time, those kids have places to play.

Whether you are teaching juniors or playing with juniors, we hope you are part of the youth movement.  As much as we love pickleball now, the juniors are our sport’s future and the more we help them now, the better the sport will be in the coming years.  As a matter of fact, the more juniors want to play, the more likely we’ll see more courts built.

So what can everyone do to help grow the number of junior pickleball players?

  1. When you post a junior related pickleball activity online, use the hashtag #unstoppablepickleball or #unstoppablejuniors in your post or description. When we see your post, we’ll help share it through our Facebook pages and our other social media platforms.
  1. Send any of your pictures of junior clinics, tournaments or other junior activities to [email protected] and we will post them to our Instagram account, acknowledging you as the submitter and we’ll hashtag it #unstoppable and #unstoppablejuniors
  1. And most importantly, help a kid play pickleball today.

Congratulations to all those communities that already have youth pickleball growing.  For everyone else, have fun growing pickleball at the junior level.
Pickleball rocks now and well into the future because of all of you.       The youth movement is coming and it is definitely #UNSTOPPABLE.

Keep up the great work.