Middletown Pickleball 2nd Annual Tournament Rocks !!!


That is the impression that everyone had of the 2nd Annual Middletown Ohio Open Senior Pickleball tournament.

Team Stanley along with Cheryl and Robbie put together a very professional feeling tournament atmosphere and pickleball paddles were flying everywhere.

If you have never been to the courts of the Middletown Pickleball Club, they are beautiful.  This weekend they were surrounded with food tents, banners and even an ice cream truck.  All put there to make this a great player experience and it worked.

It was a ton of fun along with a whole boatload of high performance pickleball matches.

Starting off the weekend was the men’s and women’s singles matches on Friday evening.

Tennis maven Robbie McClain took home the gold medal for the ladies, while Brookville, Indiana native Jeff Siebert captured the top prize for the men.

SIDE NOTE FROM ROCKET: I got knocked into the consolation bracket in the singles semifinals by my friend and doubles partner Jeff, but I did manage to win the consolation gold.  Very happy to get any type of hardware in return for all the pain of getting out of bed on Saturday morning. 🙂

Saturday was another perfect weather day for pickleball and it started with Ron and Deb Arnold winning the mixed doubles crown.  Around 1:30pm men and women’s doubles kicked off and the crowd was treated to a great afternoon of high quality pickleball.

After the proverbial dust had cleared, our great friend Kay Gallagher and her partner Robbie McClain claimed the Women’s Doubles Gold.

The day’s activities climaxed with the playing of the men’s double championship which was a rematch from the 2009 Indiana Senior Games.

Brookville, Indiana natives Rodney “Rocket” Grubbs and partner Jeff Siebert were able to reverse the outcome with a great three set gold medal victory over extremely talented veterans Al Hager and Lynn Carlson.  Taking the consolation gold were Dick Lewis and Rob Gartlan.

Thank you Middletown for a great weekend.

My hats off to you for another super tournament.

– Rocket

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