The Pickleball Zoo Rocks Once Again

Bob, Melissa and the whole ZOO team, once again bolstered their claim to being the center of the pickleball universe.  Thursday September 16th was highlighted by honoring super recruiter, Dick Mannaserri.

pickleball player and recruiter Dick ManaserriThen they unleashed all the 65+ doubles plus Crazy Mixed Up doubles which is always a hit.  On Friday they opened things up for us youngsters. 🙂

Kalamazoo Pickleball RocksTalk about a smooth running tournament.   As it was for their spring tournament, the competition was great, the people were ultra-friendly (as all pickleball players seem to be) and the food was plentiful.

Worth every minute of the five hour drive.  Everyone should experience the “Zoo” at least once.  You will want to come back, I promise.  I’m already looking forward to their 2011 tournaments.   Thanks again Bob and Melissa!