Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month: 2013 Year in Review

2013 had dozens of very special pickleball people nominated for the coveted Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month award.

Some were great pickleball players, while some were just plain great for the sport, yet happened to play pickleball.

Here were this year’s Player of the Month winners:

January:  Trudee Klein

January 2013 Player of the Month - Trudee Klein









February:  Justin Rodgers

Player of the Month - Justin Rodgers










March:  Sid Cojac

Sid Cojac Player of the Month










April:  Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane - Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month










May:  Kyle Hicken

May 2013 Player of the Month







June:  Walt Hooker

Walt Hooker - Player of the Month








July:  Dennis Forbes

Dennis Forbes









August:  Tom and Ann Earley

Tom and Ann Earley








September:  David Schollmeier


October:  Rick Marion

Rick Marion Player of the Month








November:  Jessica LeMire

Jessica LeMire Player of the Month










December:  Wesley Gabrielsen

Wes Gabrielsen - Pickleball National Medal Winner










2013 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: ????????????


Player of the Month: May 2013 – Kyle Hicken

Please congratulate our first ever high schooler as the Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month.

Kyle Hicken won both the 2013 singles and doubles titles at Chartiers Valley High School.

We have been following the pickleball exploits at Chartiers Valley for quite some time as they have over 100 players enter their yearly tournament plus they compete against other northeast high schools.

Thanks for the nomination Alec Oliverio.     Congratulations Kyle Hicken.

May 2013 Player of the Month

Player of the Month: June 2013 – Walt Hooker

The USA Pickleball Association has over 700 official ambassadors nationwide and they all work hard.

This month’s Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month just happens to work harder than most.

Walt’s name keeps popping up all over the place with tremendous promotional pickleball powerpoint presentations and a never ceasing effort to get new players to the courts.

Congratulate this month’s Pickleball Rock’s Player of the Month, Walt Hooker.

Walt Hooker - Player of the Month

Player of the Month: August 2013 – Tom & Ann Earley

Talk about special people, this couple not only has one of the most beautiful pickleball complexes on the planet, but they openly make it known that everyone is welcome to play. And I do mean welcome with southern hospitality.

They have been the driving force behind the great growth in Georgia and their tournaments are quickly becoming legendary.

Please congratulation this month’s Player(s) of the Month, Tom and Ann Earley.

Tom and Ann Earley