One year in the making, the Pickleball Rocks team is proud to launch the new website

Helping Picikleball GrowWe love the time we spend on the courts and hanging out with our pickleball friends.  But the one thing we enjoy more than any other is helping communities grow this great sport all across the country.

It is so much fun to be a part of the great growth that pickleball is experiencing everywhere.

As much as we’d love to, we simply can’t be everywhere, so we spend a great deal of our time building programs that will help players and communities grow even faster than normal.

Our latest 3 programs, all available through, have all been built and tested to help pickleball grow anywhere, anytime.

They are:

The Pickleball Mile: Offering people the gift of good health through playing pickleball for exercise.  Track your pickleball playing and win rewards.  Introduce new players and win rewards.  The perfect tool to introduce and use in any community and/or club to help your numbers grow.

The Pickleball Champions Club Offering people who champion this sport, the tips, tools and specific techniques that will help grow their club and their community.

The Pickleball Rocks Paddle Foundation Providing free or extremely low cost equipment for schools, YMCAs, and parks and recreation departments.

We hope you will join us in the cause to double pickleball in 2015.

Though some wonder whether doubling pickleball would be a good thing, one thing we know for sure is that if we can get everyone to introduce pickleball to just one new player this year, we would double the number of players and in doing so we would attract the attention of sponsors as well as parks and recreation departments, YMCAs, and community and town leaders all across the country.   Rest assured this type of attention would bring more courts and more support than ever before.  #doublepickleball2015


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