Pickleball Rocks: Club of the Month – Mission Royale

Mission Royale Pickleball Club:
To us at All About Pickleball, we believe there is much more to a pickleball club than just playing pickleball.   A great pickleball club does things to cause the community to embrace it.The Mission Royale players embody what it means to be a true club.Yes they welcome new players.  Yes, they have referree training programs. And yes they host one of the largest and funnest tournaments in the country plus an annual in-house tournament.

But this club goes well beyond that by giving back to their community. 

Recently this club participated in a Color Dash 5K and raised over $4200 for their local Humane Society.

Each year they select a community project to get behind.  This year’s in the Home of Hope: Women and Childrens’ Center.We could go on, but this was more than enough to earn them our Pickleball Rocks Club of the Month.
Congratulations Mission Royale Pickleball Club