Dangerous Pickleball Paddles?


I just posted the following reply to an article from the Racquet Network News and Info website.
Their article was saying that the new APike paddle should be allowed by the USAPA because better technology makes the sport better. Below was my posted reply. What is your opinion?

Dear RNNI,
Maybe technology change was good for squash and tennis. But keep in mind that Pickleball is currently the fastest growing participation sport in the US. And what is driving that participation growth is the simple fact that a lot more people are able to compete and feel like they can win because of the pickleball rules of play, plus the paddle and ball restrictions. Unlike other sports, pickleball was designed, and is a game of strategy and accuracy, rather than a game of power and speed. Since power and speed are played down, this creates a lot more interest because a lot more people are capable of competing. So I endorse whatever the governing body (USAPA) chooses to do as long as it is in the best interest of keeping the sport growing. Pickleball Rocks!