The “Heart” Of Pickleball

We all know that if you put a paddle in someone’s hand and let ’em hit a few they are hooked on this great sport.
I fell in love with it the first time I tried it and have been an avid supporter ever since.

But beyond the competitive void that it fills for me and beyond the exercise benefits, I have discovered one very unexpected aspect of this sport that makes it truly the greatest sport on the planet.

That is the friendship and support system that this sport just seems to breed. Since day one, I have witnessed time after time, players supporting and rooting for each other. They go on the courts adversaries and come off the court friends. It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Well, here are a couple of pictures that again show the true heart of why this sport is growing like wild.

A great friend of ours, Dave “Skip” Egbers, recently found out he had some prostate cancer to battle. So, just like he does on the court, he has attacked it with gusto and we believe he has beaten it into the ground.

To show support of Skip’s battle, a number of people are now wearing the VERY BRIGHT “Atta Boy Skip” tshirts.

Here is Dick Lewis, Rob Gartlan and Mike Bunke showing off their shirts for Skip. These guys and hundreds more like them, is why I love this sport.

Looking forward to seeing Skip back on the Northern Kentucky courts real soon.

The True Heart Of Pickleball